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Katerina Lankova Globalizes Stee-letas and Haute Couture Skiwear

Katerina Lankova Globalizes Stee-letas and Haute Couture Skiwear

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Designer Katerina Lankova is widely recognized as one of the most influential up-and-coming fashion creators in New York City, and her signature Stee-letas are sweeping the nation as more than just a winter trend.

From a 300-person Czech Republic community, Katerina arrived in NYC over 5 years ago after spending time in Aspen, Colorado. With a deep commitment to placing her name amongst those responsible for revolutionizing fashion, NYC was the obvious choice for expanding her ideas and receiving accolades for unique designs Lady Gaga and Madonna would proudly wear.

Inspired by God and New York City’s energy, Katerina’s most creative moments come to her when she is alone and quiet in the twilight hours. Like many true artists, 3 and 4 o’clock in the morning is the time zone for originality. Anything designed in the middle of the night need not be re-designed.

Katerina received many awards for the dance costumes she began creating when she arrived in New York. As a starving artist at the time, and determined to stay in NYC, Katerina was forced to learn how to work with spandex to serve performers’ needs.

stee-letasKaterina’s signature design, the Stee-letas, swept NYC at a time when fashionable winter boots were too expensive (and still are) for mainstream consumers. In fact, Katerina created Stee-letas as a means to keep her legs warm. After receiving wide recognition and popularity, Katerina modified the design for all seasons.

“Ever since I made them, there hasn’t been a day for the past 4 years that you would see me without wearing them. I must have made hundreds of them and from so many different materials, I cannot ever get bored with making more and new styles and I have them for all seasons. It was something that I was the most asked about, I love people trying to figure out what it is, whether it is boots or what?”

Katerina listens to her heart and follows her passion. She credits her alignment with God for helping her discover her life purpose and fulfilling her potential. Despite her success, Katerina remains humble and honest. She also learned to never underestimate anything because big opportunities come from little steps.

The goal now is to become a global skiwear and sportswear brand targeting the luxury market with investment finances.

See Katerina Lankova’s ski collection at Fashion Week 2014 in Aspen.

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