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Randy Scott Slavin’s Alternate Perspectives Capture NYC

Randy Scott Slavin’s Alternate Perspectives Capture NYC

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By Carisa Carlton

Award winning director and a native New Yorker, Randy Scott Slavin surrealistically transforms the not-so-ordinary New York City into electrifying art with high resolution landscapes made from sometimes hundreds of photos stitched together, such as those featured in his NYC Unplugged and Alternate Perspectives series.  Randy’s photographs command, no demand, larger than life 4’x6’ images in celebrated shows for truly discerning NYC art aficionados — those who appreciate art with a twist and off-center creations.

Widely acclaimed for trendsetting videos for American Express, Bank of America, Frito Lay, Universal Records, Atlanta Records, Island/Def Jam Records, Randy never disappoints his audience in delivering creativity with radioactive waves.

Recipient of the SXSW Special Jury Award in 2008, Best Music Video Award at Coney Island Film Festival, and numerous other video awards, Randy’s work inspires others to create magic.  He makes others feel like grooving, filling their hearts with wild imaginings, and leaving smiles on aroused faces.  Randy’s most decorated film piece “Temporarily in Love” is, well…you have to see it for yourself.  Caution:  View with a sense of humor.

“I appreciate the awards but hold little stock in them. I most appreciate the opportunity to create more great work…to have faith in the people I work with, and to create original and engaging pieces. That’s the real award.”

Randy Scott Slavin 2Randy’s early artistic influencer was Dutch graphic artist and photographer, M. C. Escher, who triggered and shepherded Randy’s love for art.  Now, the beauty he finds around him is the inspiration sparking Randy’s creativity.

Randy was a director before becoming involved and interested in lighting.   He spent years holding a video camera in his teenage years, and he studied lighting at NYU, but his in-depth understanding of lighting only came to fruition when he ventured into still photography in 2008 and 2009.

“The still camera is the best tool for understanding light. Starting with a video camera can be great training, but it was too dynamic to really help me understand lighting.”

Randy seeks challenges and he follows what excites him.  Always keeping his eyes toward new and different, he embraces his fears and boldly conquers what scares him.  Rather than being stifled by failure, Randy grasps and takes advantage of the freedom that allows for failure…using that freedom to create greatness.    He enjoys experimentation and lacks restriction — the fundamental principle of a great artist.

“Living in NYC is a constant struggle. “‘They’ve’ always said, ‘If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.’ So I’ve always done my best to make it here. Whatever ‘make it’  means.”

Hooked on audiovisual media, Randy spends his life creating great work… succeeding and failing; growing and trying; loving and feeling.  Directing kung-fu flicks and high-budget science fiction films is high on Randy’s wish-list.

Randy’s creative photographic collections have captured international showing invitations from Hong Kong, and he recently returned from Shanghai.

Randy is lucky enough to have solid mentor support from Phil Allocco.

“Phil is an amazingly rounded artist who spent his early years in bands, as a painter,  and then reinvented himself as a writer/director 10 years ago. Until he and I met, I was an Island. It’s a gift to have someone who I can speak to, ask advice of, and create with.  Phil just finished his first feature film called ‘The Truth about Lies’.”

Stay in contact with Randy Scott Slavin for information on where to view his Alternate Perspectives Series 2 – coming to NYC soon.

Buy Randy Scott Slavin prints.


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