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What is a NYC Artist?

What is a NYC Artist?

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According to Wikipedia…

An artist is a person engaged in one or more of any of a broad spectrum of activities related to creating art, practicing the arts, and/or demonstrating an art.

New York City artists are different than other artists in the world.  New York City artists exude an eclectic creativity found nowhere else in the world.  They wind up being caught up in a world foreign to most artists.  The energy center of New York City aspires artists to accomplish more…to think uniquely…to portray the world differently, and most importantly to exceed all expectations and defy all boundaries.

What is it about New York City artists that catapults them into the spotlight with unusual expressions of creativity and innovative practices?

“New York City inspires you to create more,” says artist Saundra Schwartzkopf.  NYC artists have higher expectations of them.  They have more exposure, if they want it, but they also have more pressure to perform.  NYC artists either compete or don’t compete;  they either hate the competition or they love it; they either stay or they leave.  Many artists leave and come back after much needed sabbaticals from the fiery energy center.

Visiting other artist’s galleries, performances, and shows, artists often reel with emotion, “Why isn’t my work being displayed here,” they may ask themselves hurtfully.  New York City is not for the weak hearted or feeble minded.  Artists are required,and responsible, to do more and afford more.

New York City is grounds for a tough audience, and getting attention for their work is not easy.  Artists get no holidays or days off — they work around the clock to meet and exceed demanding expectations.  Residents and visitors expect more, and in living up to the high expectations, New York City is no place for laziness.

NYC, especially Manhattan, swarms with buzzing energy night and day.  The only way to escape the energy is to leave.  Even when locked up in a downtown loft, you can still feel the vibe.  The best advantage to the NYC artist community is you can find and meet lots of people in your own artistic niche — provided you have defined your niche.  One of the hardest aspects of being an artist is finding fans and friends who understand your mind.  That’s a difficult venture in most cities around the world.   Artists are more likely to find appreciation and understanding for their work in the truly divine NYC melting pot by worming their way through shows, performances, and galleries.

Being part of the NYC vibe is expensive, but the lucky ones have extensive opportunities for discovery, appreciation, promotion, and networking.


Featured Image by Saundra Schwartzkopf, Oil on Canvas, “Hammer and Goblets”

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