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Marion Bolognesi: Intoxicating Beauty, Enchanting Translucence

Marion Bolognesi: Intoxicating Beauty, Enchanting Translucence

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By Carisa Carlton

Somehow finding freedom from constraint, NYC artist Marion Bolognesi draws an entire pantheon of faces from precision drips of vivid pigments while sabotaging the notion that watercolor must be pristine. The wonder that she pulls off such detailed personalities without creating muck makes her watercolor portraits near painting miracles.

Bonaire born Bolognesi reveals her processes of painting, unlike conservative classic academicians who hide their tricks behind veils of illusion, intelligibly through layers of luminescent transparency. You can almost see the gifted technician thinking and constructing her portraits with palettes she captures from surrounding environments.

Bolognesi exercises her extraordinary skill at capturing light and shadow with arresting affect. The medium is not the message in Bolognesi’s work, yet each mark and stain retains its distinct material identity.

Bolognesi’s most popular works “Remember” and “Bluebird” (both featured in this article), elicit emotion through expressive, high contrast details, limited strokes, and optimal use of negative space.

“I usually start all of my paintings with a very loose pencil sketch and then start applying paint in layers- sometimes waiting for the paint to dry in place, other times working it wet or damp. It’s a very natural process for me. I like to play with the paint as much as possible, steering it at moments and letting it take the wheel.”

Bolognesi’s work has been selected for inclusion in numerous prestigious exhibitions including for the Tragic Heroes contemporary opening at As Issued in Orange County, California; and she recently won the 2011 Key Art Awards for both One Sheet & Illustration for “for Colored Girls” poster illustration through Ignition Print/Lionsgate. Bolognesi’s work is typically on 20×30 Arches cold press 140 lb paper.

When Bolognesi is not painting, she can often be found dining outdoors in Bushwick at such places as Narrows or Anchored Inn.

Contact Marion Bolognesi directly to purchase or commission an original painting.
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