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Choo Biggz:  NYC’s Underground Star

Choo Biggz: NYC’s Underground Star

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By Carisa Carlton

Laying down music tracks since age 13, New York City emcee Choo Biggz is riding high. Expected to top the charts, his hip hop single “Tonight,” featuring 50 Cent and Tank, debuts in June with an official video shot by rapper director Eif Rivera. Later this summer, Biggz’ steamy album The Underground Star with executive producer 50 Cent is scheduled for release.

Biggz started with a dream and hip hop in his blood. Richard-T, Biggz’ grandfather, was the first person to provide legendary Kool DJ Herc, MelyMel, and Afrika Bambaataa equipment and microphones to perform hip hop at the Bronx T-Connection Night Club in the 1970s. Despite his family background in hip hop, Biggz faced major obstacles attracting the attention he required to succeed on a national scale.

“The biggest struggle for me would be for the past ten years in my career getting those that are really needed on board. People who just sit back and watch, immediately support. Immediately. Those that I really need, the investors, the executives, the labels, the DJs, the promoters, people of importance, that’s the struggle. That’s the hard part.”

When Biggz’ daughter was born, he made the necessary sacrifices. He worked hosting open-mic showcases, he wrote emotionally charged rhymes, he put together a solid team of rappers, and he created his own sound. Biggz met German hip hop producer 2Deep who provided missing elements to the Biggz formula, such as rare European samples. Eight years later, he has six other rappers signed to his label, he has 50 Cent advising him, and he has a record deal with Sony and Warner distribution.

“You gotta know that you have to sacrifice time, blood, sweat, tears, relationships, you have to sacrifice a lot. Once you come to that agreement in your head, and you are stuck and locked in on it, no one can stop you.”

Biggz has an undeniably unique style exuding through his voice and lyrical rhythm. “Pay Homage,” Biggz’ most popular record to date, opened doors and helped him land a record deal with David Michery of ESMG. Biggz brought listeners to his world, and they did just that – they listened.

Biggz’ cadence and flow surpasses just rapping. His lyrical content demonstrates creativity beyond scribbling a few rhymes. He composed romantic ballads, which is what hip hop needs in order to evolve. The hip hop industry cannot deny Biggz as an artist.

“Make your own sounds. Don’t buy sounds at the factory, or stock sounds out of keyboards, and stores, and over-the counter; make your own sounds. That’s what makes your sound yours, when you have your own sound.”

Open-Mic Showcases:

Biggz hosts open-mic showcases in downtown Manhattan weekly at private venues where he has demonstrated showmanship, sportsmanship, and leadership since 2005. He provides opportunities for signed, unsigned, and independent artists to perform their latest music, test audience reaction, connect with influential talent, and receive the encouragement they need to continue their work.

Biggz commitment to showcasing will endure long after the success of his new hits.

Stay connected with Biggz for updates on new music releases, news, and Showcase schedules.
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