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Bar East NYC:  A Hip Place to Play

Bar East NYC: A Hip Place to Play

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If you are searching for a new venue to play for your fans, Bar East Ale House is crazy about accommodating up and coming bands.  They provide a full back line, and host all genres except for hip hop and hardcore.


Competing for the hippest ambiance in New York City is a daunting feat, but Bar East is making great strides in their upper east side brewery.  Bar East entertains patrons nightly with live music and 20+ freshly selected micro brews and craft ales.


If you think you measure up to Bar East’s performance expectations, stop in and talk to the friendly tech/equipment/sound guy, Craig, or contact Sarah, Bar East’s booking agent, at to get yourself booked to play and build your fan base.




Bar East (Basement Level)

Capacity: 175

Stage Dimensions: 13×13

Parking: Right outside the venue, but not always available

Merchandise: Feel free to sell merchandise at this venue

1733 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10128-5102

(between 89th & 90th, below Bar East)


PARKING:  There is parking right outside the venue, but it is not always available.  Parking garages can be found nearby:  (,%20ny)


AGE RULES FOR BAR EAST:  {21+ Venue/ band members can be underage/ underage guests may attend only if accompanied by a parental guardian who is 35+ years of age/ stray underage guests will be turned away at the door}


SET TIMES:  Set times are a default of 30 minutes and longer sets (up to 45 minutes) will be provided upon request.  Please arrive to the venue at least 30 minute prior to your scheduled set time.


DOOR DEAL AT BAR EAST:  The cover is $10. The door keeps the first 15 covers. The performer keeps 90% of all covers collected from their individual audience after the first 15.


DRINK MINIMUM AT BAR EAST (SATURDAYS ONLY):  There is a two drink minimum per guest on Saturday nights only; drink tickets will be sold at the door for 5 dollars each (totaling to 10 dollars), and are good for well drinks, beers, and the like.  You can emphasize to your fans that they are getting drinks at a discounted price, compared to typical Manhattan prices.  Also just to be clear, this applies to Saturdays only, and there is no drink minimum on Thursday nights.


CANCELLATION POLICY:  All nights are subject to cancellation – it is a rare occurrence, but it can happen if unforeseen circumstances come up


CONFIRMATION POLICY:  You are not confirmed for a show unless you receive a clear confirmation letter from your booker (so if you submit for a show booking and do not hear back, you are not confirmed for the show)





**$1 off all drinks for band members, one drink served at a time.**


Equipment provided by Bar East includes:


1. Full drum kit – minus cymbals, snare drum, felts, and wing nuts, which you’ll need to bring yourself.


2. ALL bass players MUST use House Bass Amp


3. State of the art sound system, including 3 vocal mics, 3 instrument mics, and monitors – bring more; mics for horns, etc.


4.  Electric guitar players must bring their own guitar amps


5.  No amp required for Keyboards or acoustic guitar.


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